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Africa Paradis - Transportive Mediocrity

Monsters, Inc. - Inter-Narrative & Super-Narrative

Lizzie Comes To Bridgetown/Bajan Heat/Auntie - 3 Barbadian Shorts

Monsters, Inc. - Parenting

Shark Tale (EOTWS)

Kevin Hart: I'm A Grown Little Man (EOTWS)

The Good Omen - A Longing Journey

Children Of God - A Road To Heaven

Little Miss Sunshine (EOTWS)

Osama - The Steps We Take (Together)

Zoo - Humanity?

At Sea (EOTWS)

V For Vendetta - Part 2: Pointless Narratives; Empty Messages

Surf's Up (EOTWS)

Spider-Man (EOTWS)

Napoleon Dynamite (EOTWS)

Happy Feet (EOTWS)

Slogans - Absurd Hierarchies

Butterfly Of Love (EOTWS)

Film As Subversive Art: Amos Vogel And Cinema 16 (EOTWS)

Sisters In Law (EOTWS)

O Brother, Where Art Thou? (EOTWS)

Atonement (EOTWS)

Decasia (EOTWS)

Russian Ark - Is There Editing In Your Dreams?

Encounters At The End Of The World - Universal Obligation

Spiderman 2 - Cinematic Dead Space

The Act Of Killing/Waltz With Bashir - The Futility Of Representation

Dogtooth - Behaviourism & Social Exchange

The White Diamond - Patience And Silence For Truth

Bridget Jones's Diary - Unashamed Intimacy

A Violent History - Where The Western Classic Meets The Gangster Movie

The Dark Knight - The Vanilla Problem

Jackass - Killing Yourself Out Of Boredom

Jackass: The Movie - Idiocy

Waking Life - Where Animation Can Take Us

Endgame - Conspiracy

The Fountain - Universal Woe; Me & You

Bronson - The Existential Imprisonment

Harry Potter - Plot & Narrative
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