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Visual Training (EOTWS)

The War Game (EOTWS)

The Cremator (EOTWS)

Mughal-e-Azam (EOTWS)

Woman In The Dunes (EOTWS)

High And Low (EOTWS)

Mouchette (EOTWS)

The Victors (EOTWS) 

The Innocents (EOTWS) 

Contempt (EOTWS)

The Battle Of Algiers (EOTWS)

The Last Relic - Old Bones

Band Of Outsiders (EOTWS)

Pierrot Le Fou - The Auteur & The Broken Cinematic Space

The Big City (EOTWS)

Arnulf Rainer (EOTWS)

Our Trip To Africa (EOTWS)

Nude On The Moon (EOTWS)

The Night Of Counting The Years - Lineage

The Housemaid (EOTWS)

Gertrud - To Love And Leave

Harakiri (EOTWS)

Black Girl (EOTWS)

The Firemen's Ball - A Truthful Allegory

Now! (EOTWS)

Valentin De Las Sierras (EOTWS)

I Am Cuba - A Technical Masterpiece

King Kong Vs. Godzilla (EOTWS)

Select Films Of Norman McLaren - Logic Of The Singing, Dancing Line

Red Beard - The Illuminated Well

The Wild Bunch - Chaos Montage

Mothlight (EOTWS)

La Chinoise (EOTWS)

Pale Flower (EOTWS)

Je T’aime, Je T’aime - Time And Romance, Bitter-Sweetly

Blood Of The Condor - Sterilise

Onibaba - Selfish Sin & Chaos

Ivan's Childhood - War's Corruption And Destruction

Labyrinth (EOTWS)

Au Hasard Balthazar - Cinema As A Religion

Au Hasard Balthazar - The Silent, Voidal Archetype

Cléo From 5 to 7 (EOTWS)

Elegy (EOTWS)

Earth Of People/Beginning/We/Seasons Of The Year/ The End - The Cine-Poem

Daisies - Rebellion

The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg (EOTWS)

Z - The Historical-Political Film

Fantasia/Dumbo/101 Dalmatians/A Bug's Life - The 4 Modes Of Animation: Why Animation Is So Important

69 (EOTWS)

Bob Dylan: Don't Look Back (EOTWS)

Battleship Potemkin/Empire - The Short-Hand Arduous Story

La Dolce Vita/8 1/2 - Character-Spectacle

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