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Annabelle: Creation - Structure & Pacing: The Real Tension

Annabelle: Creation - The Horrifying Toy Doll

Tangled - Classical Essence?

Nascent - Like Water

Cabralista - A Political Sermon

Beauty And The Beast (EOTWS)

Wonder Woman - Silence & Motion

Ninah's Dowry - Ownership

Kubo And The Two Strings (EOTWS)

The Missing Picture - The Despair Of Re-Creation

Nothing's The Same/Bigger Plans - 2 BFC Shorts

City Symphonies - What Have We Done?

Godzilla - Mess

War For The Planet Of The Apes (EOTWS)

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (EOTWS)

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (EOTWS)

The Planet Of The Apes Prequel Trilogy - A Modern Masterpiece

War For The Planet Of The Apes - Applause Break For The Visual Effects Guys

Teluki/Bad Dream - Two Psychological Shorts

Hunt For The Wilderpeople (EOTWS)

Okja - Ugly

Bo Burnham: Make Happy (EOTWS)

The Broken Circle Breakdown - How Do You Deal With Tragedy?

Nina - The Femme Fatale

Passengers - Auto-Pilot

2012: The Curse Of The Xtabai - Skin Deep

Bullhead - Coincidence & Reason

I Won't Come Back - When Home Calls

Inception - Lessons vs. Stories: Why Exposition (Sometimes) Sucks

Lizzie Comes To Bridgetown/Bajan Heat/Auntie - 3 Barbadian Shorts

Aries Spears: Comedy Blueprint (EOTWS)

Mother Of George - Simple Stories vs. Boring Stories

T2 Trainspotting - Choose...

Nabat - Preservation

Logan - Role Reversals

Joey Coco Diaz: Sociably UnAcceptable (EOTWS)

10 Ave Maria (EOTWS)

Get Out (EOTWS)

World Of Tomorrow (EOTWS)

It's Such A Beautiful Day (EOTWS)

A Bride To Rip Van Winkle (EOTWS)

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