Quick Thoughts

Here you will find both Quick Thoughts essays - which are usually under 750 words, aren't as deep as Thoughts On posts and sometimes a bit hectic - but also films featured in End Of The Week Shorts (EOTWS) which are just simple reviews around a paragraph or two long.

Everything, newest to oldest...

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Au Hasard Balthazar - The Silent, Voidal Archetype

I Won't Come Back - When Home Calls

A Dog's Life (EOTWS)

The Shawshank Redemption - A Cage To Dream

Duel (EOTWS)

Shark Tale (EOTWS)

Aries Spears: Comedy Blueprint (EOTWS)

Kevin Hart: I'm A Grown Little Man (EOTWS)

Ensemble For Somnambulists (EOTWS)

Ritual In Transfigured Time (EOTWS)

Cléo From 5 to 7 (EOTWS)

Lonesome (EOTWS)

Come And See (EOTWS)

Mother Of George - Simple Stories vs. Boring Stories

The Good Omen - A Longing Journey

T2 Trainspotting - Choose...

Nabat - Preservation

All That Jazz (EOTWS)

Joey Coco Diaz: Sociably UnAcceptable (EOTWS)

Chungking Express (EOTWS)

The Arctic Giant (EOTWS)

Shall We Dance (EOTWS)

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (EOTWS)

Pickup On South Street (EOTWS)

Magic Myxies (EOTWS)

Brief Encounter (EOTWS)

Easy Street (EOTWS)

Little Miss Sunshine (EOTWS)

Combat De Boxe (EOTWS)

Crocodile Dundee - Fish Out Of Water

Ménilmontant (EOTWS)

Footlight Parade (EOTWS)

The Matrix (EOTWS)

10 Ave Maria (EOTWS)

The Abyss (EOTWS)

The Seashell And The Clergyman (EOTWS)

In The Sea, In The White Foam (EOTWS)

Life (EOTWS)

The Cameraman's Revenge (EOTWS)

Rescued By Rover (EOTWS)

Gulliver’s Travels Among The Lilliputians And The Giants (EOTWS)

The Oyster Princess (EOTWS)

House (EOTWS)

Dream Of A Rarebit Fiend (EOTWS)

After Death (EOTWS)

Suspense (EOTWS)

Earth (EOTWS)

The Invisible Man (EOTWS)

Fight Club (EOTWS)

Elegy (EOTWS)

Daisies - Rebellion

At Sea (EOTWS)

Get Out (EOTWS)

Bio-Dome (EOTWS)

Landscape Suicide (EOTWS)

Spacy (EOTWS)

Ali: Fear Eats The Soul (EOTWS)

The Red Balloon (EOTWS)

The Only Son (EOTWS)

Now-101 | 100-76 | 75-51 | 50-26 | 25-1

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