World Cinema Series

This is an open series that will find one film from every country in the world and talk about it. Click here to see the list of countries and choose a film that way. Or, here's everything, newest to oldest...

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Allah Tantou - The Exploited

Ixcanul - The Serpent Of Birth & Death

The House On Coco Road - Magnetism

Landscape In The Mist - The One Time, First Time

Kukurantumi, Road To Accra - The Futile Road?

M - Justice Hurts

In Bloom - Love As Possession, Freedom As A Gun

Khadija - Gambiwood?

The Rhythm Of My Life - Beat Of Coincidence

Amélie - Why I Love This Movie: Objective & Subjective Impressionism

The Man Without A Past - Pessimism On The Inside, Optimism On The Outside

The Land Has Eyes - Warrior Woman

The Corpse - Get Rich Qui...

The Last Relic - Old Bones

Ety Hitsan - Eritrean Cinema?

Where The Road Runs Out - Beginnings

La Vida Loca - Change/Futility

The Night Of Counting The Years - Lineage

Ratas, Ratones, Rateros - Realism Without Punch

Beatriz's War - Sovereignty



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