Aries Spears: Comedy Blueprint (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts #9 extract: Aries Spears: Comedy Blueprint (2016)

A solid hour that captures most of what Spears does best. It holds back on the impressions, especially of rappers, but it felt like he played them through in previous specials, so no complaints from me. That said, he does keep in tact his Hollywood 80s action star impressions - his Sly bit being brilliant in this set 
Spears' interaction with the audience is also pretty spectacular. However, his patterns of 'improvisational' comedy seemed repetitive and pre-planed to a certain extent. Nonetheless, some of the best content came from a play with the crowd with some hilarious call-backs. 
Beyond this, many dirty-comic cornerstones, everything from relationships to personal anxieties, are hit incredibly well, leaving this Comedy Blueprint hour a great piece of R-rated entertainment.

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