After Death (EOTWS)

End Of The Week Shorts 7.1 extract: After Death (1915)

After Death is a highly melodramatic romance with a psychological and tragic twist to it. In such, it captures a melancholic and graceful tone along with a heavily sombre atmosphere - one that is greatly supported by the rich aesthetics--the colour tinting especially. This formulates a highly immersive narrative that is well paced and a delight to watch. 
The only downfalls you could pick out of this film would be in regard to the manner in which the melodrama impacts characterisation. As could be assumed, this means to be a highly emotive film, and whilst it is somewhat poignant, the characters are left slightly flat with a rushed set-up that doesn't allow a bond to really be formed between the two leads. However, this seems to be an intentionally placed element of the script, so, I wouldn't critique this heavily, but nonetheless could understand why this narrative wouldn't be particularly interesting to some. 
But, all in all, I enjoyed After Death and was struck most by its control of tone and atmosphere, so wouldn't shy away from suggesting you watch it too.

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